Vanguard Mideast understands intimately the needs and preferences of Executive, Diplomatic & HNW clients. As such, we provide the full range of Close Protection & Executive Protection services in Egypt & throughout the Middle East, including high risk destinations and conflict zones. All operatives can be armed/unarmed, depending on local laws and client requirements.

  • Executive & Family Personal Protection (bodyguards)

  • Secure Executive Transport (land, sea, air travel)

  • Residential Security

  • Corporate Events

  • Private Functions

  • Client Tracking and Emergency Response

At Vanguard Mideast, we believe that Executive Protection must encompass, not only our clients’ physical security and well being, which is paramount, but also risk mitigation measures to be taken to ensure the safety of VIPs and other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location. The emphasis being on prevention, not reaction.

Furthermore, we believe that protecting our clients’ reputation and public image is an integral component of the EP services we provide. To that end, we ensure that any Executive Protection agent working for us must be an appropriate extension and reflection of our clients’ image and reputation. Special attention is paid to etiquette, presentation and professionalism. It’s all about how the EP agent presents and conducts him or herself.


Unlike most in the industry, we pay special attention to our clients’ experience, not just their security and safety. Everything relating to an EP operation is considered, down to the finest of details. We are committed to always provide a bespoke service that is unrivalled and trust your own experience with us will not only live up to your expectations, but surpass them significantly.


Our agents are hand picked from Special Forces units (military & police counter terrorism, hostage rescue and special operations forces) from the MENA Region, the UK & the US. They go through further in-house training to ensure they become well accustomed the private security industry, taking into account the business, family & leisurely environments in which they are likely to operate as well as the industry' international compliance regime for private security operations, the ISO 18788.


All are rigorously vetted to international industry standards and selected, not only for their security skills, but also for their education levels, their language abilities, their adaptability and their discretion. Individual Executive Protection Bodyguards and teams are selected specifically for each mission. The teams are sized and adapted to take account of client needs, their risk profile and the operational theatre's nature and risk assessment.


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