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Middle East & North Africa


Vanguard Mideast supports organisations and investors while navigating foreign markets throughout the Middle East & North Africa. We not only protect our clients and their overseas assets, we also assist in managing their overall risk profile, while helping to identify and capitalise on the opportunities these markets present.


Based in Cairo, Egypt we boast exceptional government relations and direct channels to the state security apparatus and extensive reach across the Middle East.

Vanguard Mideast is a representative branch of the Vanguard Global group of companies, and is responsible for the Middle East & North Africa; 

Vanguard Global Ltd. UK

Vanguard Global Consultancy, UK

Our shared network comprises some of the most qualified international experts in the fields of private & corporate security & risk management. Together, we offer our clients a comprehensive and truly global service and can cater to your needs wherever and whenever your business may take you.

Including countries such as;

Yemen I Libya I Sudan I South Sudan I Syria I Iraq


Vanguard Mideast's management team have decades of combined experience both in the local and international markets. Our network encompasses experts in:

  • Government and Defence 

  • Military, Police and Intelligence

  • Corporate and Security Intelligence

  • Geopolitical, Economic & Security Analysis

  • Key Industries (Energy, Mining, Infrastructure, etc)

  • Risk Management 

  • Project Management

  • Legal

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